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h2open magazine

h2open magazine

Swim Smooth are proud to contribute to this fantastic new open water swimming magazine published in the UK

Whether you are aiming to boost your speed ahead of your next open water swimming race, looking for long-distance challenge or simply trying to find a swimming beauty spot to relax and enjoy the scenery, H2Open Magazine has something for you.

Each issue will have something to inspire you - a review of a classic swim or an interview with a star of the sport - training and racing advice, and suggestions on how to make more of this historic but increasingly popular pastime.

Swim Smooth are proud to be regular contributors to H2Open, writing articles concerning training methods and stroke technique. To subscribe to the magazine: click here.


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Download now, including a free 16 page sample issue on the H2Open site: www.h2openmagazine.com

Coming up in the April issue:

h2open issue 1 cover
To read our article from the first edition of H2Open click here (PDF format).

- Seven things to add to your pool session to make you a better open water swimmer
- How to manage your food intake on event day
- The world’s fastest wetsuits reviewed
- Stay safe in open water
- Exclusive Swim Smooth article on how to train for races from 50m to 5km!

A digital edition is available with every subscription so you can download the magazine to your computer or portable device wherever you are in the world.

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