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If you enjoyed the free version of the Mr Smooth console, you'll love the PRO version! Featuring Miss Swinger (showing you the alternative "Swinger" style of stroke), extra views and a much improved controller - The new V2 PRO console is the ultimate tool for visual learners wanting to improve their swimming!

Mobile Devices:

PC and Mac Version:


Buy Mr Smooth PRO Console (PC / Mac ONLY)

GB £3.99 / US $5.99 / AUS $8.49 / Euro €5.49 / CAN $8.49

The Pro Console is delivered as a digital download straight to your computer. The download size is 224MB. Download either PC (Windows) or MAC versions.

PRO Console Features:

Two animations: 1) Mr Smooth showing you the classic Smooth stroke style, as used by elite swimmers such as Ian Thorpe, Michael Phelps and Rebecca Adlington. 2) Miss Swinger, demonstrating the Swinger stroke style used by elite swimmers and pro triathletes including Laure Manadou, Janet Evans and the Brownlee Brothers.

Mr Smooth special views giving you unique insight into key areas of freestyle technique (PC/Mac only). See full list below.

Precise speed and position control with the jog wheel controller. Rewind through the footage as easily and smoothly as going forwards.

Jump to a specific frame number using the frame entry box.

Export snapshots of any of the views as still images. Perfect for emailing or posting to the internet. (PC/Mac version only).

Three full technique articles explaining Mr Smooth and Miss Swinger's strokes in full, and advice tips to improve your own swimming in those areas.

Coaching links - simply tick the articles relevant to your swimmer, hit the generate email button and the console automatically drafts you an email including all the links to the articles.

For PC / Mac only, this feature requires you to have an email tool such as Outlook, Windows Mail or Mac Mail.

Full Screen View, fantastic for presentation situations (or impress your work colleagues by leaving Mr Smooth in action while you're at lunch!).

Miss Swinger and The Swinger Stroke Style

miss swinger!
Miss Swinger animation - front view without water.

The most obvious feature of the PRO console over the free version is the inclusion of our Miss Swinger animation, demonstrating the "Swinger" style of stroke:

Miss Swinger is a visualisation of the punchy stroke style used by swimming greats such as Janet Evans, Laure Manadou and Shelley Taylor Smith. This style uses a slightly straighter arm recovery (from which it gains its name) combined with a very rhythmical stroke.

The Swinger style is extremely effective over longer race distances of 400m and up and is the dominant style in open water swimming. However, many swimmers have raced down to 200m using this style, including Laure Manadou of France who won world championships and set world records over 200 and 400m.

Traditionally Swingers have been much under-appreciated in the world of swimming, perhaps because the stroke style is less aesthetically pleasing than the Smooth - at least from above the water. However, in refined form (as demonstrated by Miss Swinger) this style can be devastatingly effective and every bit as fast and efficient as the Smooth style over longer distances. In fact for open water swimming it has significant advantages over the Smooth style and most elite open water swimmers and triathletes use it for that reason.

Special Views (PC/Mac Only)

The Special Views are combinations of zoomed, highlighted and synchronised footage to show key aspects of freestyle stroke technique in superb clarity.

1. Kick View: Learn perfect kicking technique with this compilation of zoomed footage from the rear, side and above. See how Mr Smooth kicks from the hip with a relatively straight leg and has loose floppy ankles.

The Breathing Special View: The perfect angles to show great breathing technique and how to use the bow wave.

2. Head Position and Breathing View: Front, underneath and side views demonstrate head position and breathing technique with great clarity. Clearly see the shape of the bow-wave and watch how Mr Smooth breathes perfectly into the trough.

3. Hand Entry View: Critical for avoiding shoulder injury and setting up for a good catch. A smooth finger-tip-first hand entry with synchronised front and side views.

4. Body Roll View: Witness this critical aspect of the freestyle stroke. Mr Smooth's textbook body rotation is shown in great clarity from front, rear and underneath views. The timing and amount of the rotation is very clear to study.

5. Catch View: Get a unique 3-dimensional understanding of this much misunderstood aspect of the freestyle stroke. Zoomed front, side and underneath views highlight the positions and timing of the catch and pull phases of the stroke. Reproduce these actions and you will dramatically improve your propulsion and feel for the water.

6. Kick Timing View: Some specially highlighted super-slow motion footage showing correct kick timing. This clearly demonstrates a dominant kick down occurring on opposite hand entry. It's nearly impossible to demonstrate this technique in any other way!

7. Front Quadrant Timing View: Show your swimmer how the arms pass in front of the head with front quadrant stroke timing. Working on this will improve a swimmer's breathing, efficiency and feel for the water. Of course, you can remove the water from the shot in any of the special views.

For Coaches

Stroke visualisation is a very powerful way of teaching swimming and explaining the subtleties of the freestyle stroke. For that reason the PRO console makes a fantastic teaching tool when working with your swimmers.

The special views focusing on key areas of the freestyle stroke are particularly powerful, as is the special interface allowing you to slow things right down and move forwards or backwards frame by frame.

Unlike the free version, the PRO console is licensed for your amateur, club and professional coaching. So download now and start using it today!

Update From Version 1

If you previously purchased Version 1 of the Enthusiasts or Commercial PRO Console, you can update for free on this page: www.swimsmooth.com/proconsoleupdate


For PC / Mac versions, you may install the console on up to two computers:


Buy Mr Smooth PRO Console (PC / Mac ONLY)

GB £3.99 / US $5.99 / AUS $8.49 / Euro €5.49 / CAN $8.49

The Pro Console is delivered as a digital download straight to your computer. The download size is 224MB. Download either PC (Windows) or MAC versions.

Mobile versions must be purchased seperately:


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