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Manhattan island marathon swim
paul newsome's Training summary

Paul with the Gallagher Cup

During his preparation for his 2013 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (MIMS), Swim Smooth's Paul Newsome tweeted every one of the 50 training sessions he completed in the 10 weeks building up to the event. The complete list is below.

Many of Paul's competitors in this race were full time athletes training at much higher volume (up to 120km per week!). Yet with a full time job and young family, Paul managed to win the race - read more about how he did this in his blog post here.

Paul is Swim Smooth's head coach and an elite open water swimmer, you can follow him on twitter at: @swimsmoothpaul


1/50: 3.2k steady drill set straight off plane with 5x200 on 2:50 @CSS +2" - felt surprisingly good. Into it properly tomorrow. (26th March 2013)

2/50: 6k swim in the Swan River to ease me back into the swing of things. Felt loose and fluid but pace (1:26/100m) indicates loss of form

3/50: 8km swim at #meelupbeach - felt v.comfy at 1:26/100m pace #disengagebrain #rhythmandflow #stingertastic

4/50: 6km pool swim as 4 x (500,400,300,200,100) last 2 sets descend from 1:22 to 1:14 in 2" increments.Pleasing set. #freshnfruity tomorrow

5/50: 5km #freshnfruity 3x(6x50m,3x100m,3x200m)on a 44"/50m cycle holding 1:17/100m LC for 3.6km main set-probably best I can hope 4 @ mo

6/50: 10km in the Swan 2h21(1:25/100m)-thx @damonmate for pushing me along #neededit2day pace better than I thought

7/50: 3km easy pyramid technique set to loosen off after yesterday's longer OW swim: 100,200,300,400,500 and back down.

8/50: 3km"Spike Set"-40x50m as 16on45,12on50,8on55,4on60-sprint every 4th in 1st set, every 3rd in 2nd, every 2nd in 3rd and every 1 in last

9/50: 12.5km steady river swim at 1:28/100m pace-felt really comfortable and controlled.Saw a beautiful blue crab snapping his pincers @ me!

10/50: 3.2km light technique set taking this week's total to 43km-no world records but a consistent week nonetheless

11/50: 7k as 10x300m & then 10x400m #redmist set going from 1:23 to 1:20 per 100m. Felt really good and aerobic / controlled today :-)

12/50: 5k #megalocks session 5x100,1x200,5x100,1x300,5x100,1x400,5x100,1x500 all w 15s rest at 1:17/100m-managed 6:19 for last 500m

13/50: 10k river swim with @blue70guy (popped his 10k 'cherry') in 2h12 (1:19/100m) felt great #equalPB #10Kcurious #backonit

14/50: 14km river swim at a very steady 1:30/100m. Still feeling the hard 10km from 36hrs ago but job done #goingthruthemotions

15/50: 3km easy technique swim taking this week's total to 41km...6 weeks to go before we leave for the US! #cantwait

16/50: 5.2k - finally back in the pool & back on the case after 4 days of #mancold -felt good 2x750,500,400,300,200,100&6x250 at 1:16/100m

17/50: 16k in 3h52 (1:27/100m) very rough in last 5k (tired 2) - this is what happens to your tongue after 4hrs in OW

18/50: 3k easy technique set as per attached. Takes this week's total to just 29k - hey ho, onwards and upwards!

19/50: 9k done as 30 x 300m on 4:30 averaging ~1:20/100m done as 2.5 times through attached set: #goodstart2week

20/50: 4k inc. 20x100m on 1:25 holding 1:14. Felt surprisingly good when was expecting to feel rubbish! Funny how that happens sometimes!

21/50: 10k in 2h20 (1:24/100m) - one of those swims where it's all about just getting the job done!

22/50: 3.2k (don't forget the 0.2!) swim with @blue70guy @katebevilaqua @Mikeygeepro - blisteringly fast 50s for a bit of fun & variety!

23/50: 18k in 4h19 (1:26/100m) - 6km splits: 1h24,1h28,1h26 - very happy with 2nd half #loneswimming #justkeepswimmingjustkeepswimming

24/50: 3k easy technique session to loosen off shoulders after yesterday. 47km this week, so not bad but only a third of @Lochie12 #eek

25/50: 10k - thought I'd "treat" myself with this badboy pyramid set to mark halfway in final prep to @nycswim MIMS
26/50: 4.5k inc. 40x50 Spike Set #IHadNothing #DieselWithoutTheInjection

27/50: 10k in the river in 2h17 (1:22/100m)-was super rough&windy 2day esp in 2nd half of each lap-good training for the chop @nycswim tho!

28/50: 20k in 4h48(1:26/100m)-new PB for me over that dist & in very swelly water for 60%. 1st 10k = 2h24, 2nd = 2h24

29/50: 3k easy technique set. Shoulders feeling better than expected. 47.5k for this week - under 5 weeks to go to @nycswim MIMS!

30/50: 6.4k done as @CassiePatten favorite set of 10x800 +20s rest at average of 1:22/100m. Shoulders niggly at # 8 so called it a day :-(

31/50: 7k as 70x100 LCM on 1:30 holding 1:14-1:15 per 100m-well stoked with that!Thanks @lesbrown77 4 the inspiration yesterday at #nacwa13

32/50: 4k as 10x400m Red Mist set working down from 1:22 to 1:19 per 100m - felt very cruisey today which was nice!!

33/50: 3k easy technique session to prepare for a big bad boy tomorrow! Under 2 weeks now before we leave for Canada & the US of A!

34/50: 10k as 2x(3x500,3x400,3x300,3x200,3x100 as ez/mod/fast +20s R.I). Times for fast: 6:12+6:09,4:56+4:57,3:39+3:44,2:24+2:27,1:10+1:10

35/50: 3k light technique swim - feeling good!

36/50: 10k in 2h19 (1:24/100m). River has dropped to 17 (63) degrees - definitely noticeable!! Good job as the Hudson is 14 (57) at the mo!

37/50: 4k aerobic swim inc. 6 x 600m at 1:18/100m pace for first half of each, stepping up to 1:15 in 2nd half. Feeling smoooooth!

38/50: 20k in 4h35 (1:22/100m) 1st 10k = 2h18, 2nd 10k = 2h17. 13mins quicker than a fortnight ago! NYC here we come! #properchuffed

39/50: 10k as 6k pool (28 deg) and 4k river (17 deg). Pool was 15x400m +20s rest from 1:24 down to 1:16s. 4k OW steady at 1:25/100m #allgood

40/50: 3k easy technique swim - shoulders and arms feeling like toast after a few hard sessions this last couple of weeks! Countdown is on!

41/50: 10k in 2h18 - that's my 25th Thursday Tempo Ten KM in a row - totally chuffed! #consistencycounts

42/50: 3k easy technique swim - fallen very much into the groove of one easy day working on technique, one hard day of 10-20km #simples

43/50: 10k inc. 2x(1600m,800m,2x400m,4x200m +15s rest between each). Paces: 1:25,1:23,1:21,1:19 for set 1 and 1:23,1:21,1:19,1:17 for set 2

44/50: 3.5k easy technique swim - actually a combo of 2 x 1500m sets in boiling hot 25y pools and then a 500m swim in open water bliss!

45/50: 5.2k (1:23/100m) - more like it! Magnificent morning swim at #kelsolake with a friendly visit from @ScottGammon. Feeling good!
46/50: 6.5k at #kelsolake inc. 10x400m on 5:30 holding 5:12 (1:18/100m) or better. Really enjoyed #redmist today!

47/50: 4k technique set at #kelsolake - novel use of drills in the open water - very enjoyable with birds tweeting!

48/50: 8k (1:24/100m) swim at #kelsolake with @ScottGammon - chilly morning with water at 66 and air at 54 degrees...2 sessions to go!

49/50: 5k at #kelsolake inc. 10 x 300 on 4:10 hitting 3:52 (1:17/100m) - bit chilly in there today. Hard work nearly all done #bringonNYC

50/50: 3k technique swim at #kelsolake with @ScottGammon - thanks mate, the last week has been a blast! (Wednesday 5/6/13)

Average of 36km per week for last 10 weeks, peak week 56km (session length average 7.2km) 15 easy sessions vs 35 hard