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Swim Smooth Squads In Perth, Western Australia

Welcome To Swim Smooth Perth's Squad Pages!

Swim Smooth itself was originally conceived right here in sunny Perth back in October 2004 by Head Coach Paul Newsome, who was at the time working for the Stadium Triathlon Club at Challenge Stadium. Since that time, Paul has gone on to develop a wide range of dedicated swim training sessions for triathletes, open water swimmers and the recreational swimmer that are challenging, technique-focused and most of all, fun!

The Team Core is now Swim Smooth!

We've recently stripped back our cycling and running sessions to concentrate purely on offering you the very best adult swim training program available in Western Australia, and you can be assured that this is every bit as specific to your needs as you could hope!

Your Head Coach Paul Newsome

Paul says: "One of the things I always wanted to achieve with a swim squad was to develop an environment that was supportive and beneficial for every swimmer, irrespective of ability level. I wanted to be able to offer a flexible training program that encapsulated the heart and soul of Swim Smooth's technique and stroke correction methodologies and one which challenged each swimmer to be the best that they can be, whether that be to perform the fastest, to swim the smoothest, or to simply be healthy and enjoy this great sport! Swimming is typically thought of as being a very individual sport but here at Swim Smooth we actively encourage a supportive "team-like" ethos that really resonates through the whole group."

Pay As You Go

The Perth Squad Sessions operate on a Pay As You Go (PAYG) card system in denominations of 10, 25 or 50 sessions, with the larger cards saving you nearly $3 per swim. This offers you the swimmer unprecedented levels of flexibility as you only pay for the sessions you attend, rather than paying a monthly or quarterly fee like many other squad programs. What's more, because it is a squad and not a club there are no annual fees to pay either and many of our members enjoy the unrestricted benefits of being able to tap into our world-class training sessions and yet race for their own nominated club or team if they choose.

Some swimmers opt to pay casually ($20 cash per session) but most make use of the savings offered with the PAYG cards. Once a swimmer has a card, he or she can use it to attend any of our structured squad sessions, providing those sessions are not fully subscribed.

Paul says:, "another important aspect about the squad is that we aim to limit it at all times to a maximum of 24 people, i.e. 8 people per 50m lane, and quite often it's a lot less than this. Previously I've coached for other programs where there was 60+ swimmers all crammed into 3 lanes but for me this just wasn't coaching! I like to have the freedom, space and time to be able to spend a little bit of 1-2-1 time with each and every swimmer during a session and this personal touch is something which my assistant coaches and I really pride ourselves on. We know you'll appreciate the benefits of this and being coached on a first-name basis right from Day 1!"

Purchase your PAYG card here

The Swim Smooth Squad Blog

The "blog" is a form of email newsletter, which if you're a member of the squad it's essential you subscribe to. We use the blog to keep you informed of changes and special events in the program. There's nothing more disappointing than turning up to a session to discover it's been moved or re-scheduled, don't let this happen to you!

Essential: Subscribe To The Blog Now
(please note, this is separate to our international blog "Feel For The Water")

You can view the squad blog on its home page at any time: swimsmoothperth.blogspot.com

Getting Started

If you would like to join the squad, first investigate our squad sessions here

Purchase a pay as you go card: here

Information on the venues we use: here

See the squad timetable: here

Discover our Rottnest training group: here

SS Squad Testimonials: here

Contact Us

If you would like to join the squad or have any enquiries about the squad timetable or programme, please contact Paul Newsome by email: swimsmooth@me.com

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