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The Mr Smooth Pro Console
From: GBP £15 / US $23 / AUS $23

The Pro Version of the Mr Smooth Console for Coaches and Enthusiasts

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The Mr Smooth Pro Console is our flag-ship stroke-technique visualisation tool with many insightful and useful features over the free console:

Bullet Time

3x Matrix Style Rotation Views.

full screen
Full Screen Mode

jog wheel
Jog Wheel: Full Position and Speed Control

jog wheel
Extra Clarity: Ultra High Bit Rate Encoding

special views
Multi-Angle "Special Views"

coaching links
Coaching Links Auto-Email Feature

save snap shot
Save Snap-Shot As Image

coaching links
Understand Kick Timing With The Special View

Pro Console Demonstration Video:

- Special views targeting key areas of freestyle technique (see below). Click once and the view and speed auto-changes to the optimum setting, ideal for live coaching.

- Each of the angles in the special views is synchronised to understand stroke positions and movements in three dimensions.

- Precise speed and position control with the Jog Wheel controller. Rewind through the footage as easily and smoothly as going forwards.

- Jump to a frame number using the frame entry box.

- Export snapshots of any of the views as still images (jpegs) to your computer. Perfect for emailing a picture of a key position to a swimmer, or uploading to web blogs and forums for discussion.

- A special panel of coaching links to key technique articles on our site. Tick the links relevant to your swimmer, hit the generate email button and the console automatically drafts you an email including all the links to the articles. This feature requires you to have an email tool such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Mozilla Firebird or Mac Mail.

- Full Screen View, fantastic for presentation situations (or impress your work colleagues by leaving Mr Smooth in action while you're at lunch!).

- Re-mastered standard views, larger in the frame and with ultra-high encoding quality.

- The Commercial Edition of the Pro Console is licensed for coaching use.

Mr Smooth Consoles Comparison Table
Mr Smooth Consoles Comparison Table

Special Views

The Special Views are combinations of zoomed, highlighted and synchronised footage to show key aspects of freestyle stroke technique in superb clarity.

1. Kick View

Show your swimmer perfect kicking technique with this compilation of zoomed footage from the rear, side and above. Show how Mr Smooth kicks from the hip with a relatively straight leg and has loose floppy ankles.

A still from the Breathing Special View (show here at 50% zoom). The perfect angles to show great breathing technique and how to use the bow wave.

2. Head Position and Breathing View

Front, underneath and side views demonstrate head position and breathing technique with great clarity. Clearly see the shape of the bow-wave and watch how Mr Smooth breathes perfectly into the trough.

3. Hand Entry View

Critical for avoiding shoulder injury and setting up for a good catch. Show a smooth finger-tip-first hand entry with synchronised classic front and perfect side views.

4. Body Roll View

Witness this critical aspect of the freestyle stroke. Mr Smooth's textbook body rotation is shown in great clarity from front, rear and underneath views. The timing and magnitude of the rotation is very clear to see.

5. Catch View

Technical Swimmer or Enthusiast?

You don't have to be a coach or club to purchase the Pro Console. The enhanced interface and Special Views are a fantastic teaching aid for individuals too.

It makes a great (and exclusive) addition to any swimmer's or triathlete's desktop. That's why we built the Enthusiasts Edition.

Give your swimmer a unique 3-dimensional understanding of this much misunderstood aspect of the freestyle stroke. Zoomed front, side and underneath views highlight the positions and timing of the catch and pull phases of the stroke. If your swimmer can reproduce these actions they'll drastically improve their feel for the water.

6. Kick Timing View

Some specially highlighted super-slow motion footage showing correct kick timing. This clearly demonstrates to the viewer a dominant kick down occurring on opposite hand entry. It's nearly impossible to demonstrate this technique in any other way!

7. Front Quadrant Timing View

Show your swimmer how the arms pass in front of the head with front quadrant stroke timing. Working on this will improve a swimmer's breathing, efficiency and feel for the water.

Of course, you can remove the water from the shot in any of the special views.

The jog wheel lets you rewind and forward-wind the animation with precise control.

Enhanced Controls

The Pro Console interface has been enhanced to give greater control of the animation than with the free console. A clever jog wheel has been added to allow you to rewind and forward-wind the footage in slow motion to reach the exact position you need. You can use the jog wheel to forward and reverse through an area of stroke technique to show the action repeatedly.

Clicking the '+' and '-' buttons advances and backs-up a single frame at a time.

Commercial Use

The Pro Console Commercial Edition is licensed for use by coaches (professional or amateur), clubs and societies. This is distinct from the Free Console and Enthusiasts Editions which are downloaded conditional to non-commercial use by private individuals only. You may not use the free console or enthusiasts console for coaching.

The license does not allow copying, broadcasting or transmission of the footage in any way - including on the internet. You may not claim to represent Swim Smooth when using it.

We're so confident you'll love using the Pro Console that we guarantee your complete satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with the Pro Console in any way we'll give you a full no-quibble refund. Simple as that.

System Requirements

The Pro Console is available in versions for PCs and Macs (both are supplied with your download). It has low system requirements and will play smoothly on nearly any computer 4 years old or less. If you are concerned about this, test your machine with the Free Console, if it plays smoothly then so will the Pro Console.

Whatever happens you're covered by our money back guarantee, so if you have a compatibility issue, no problem, we'll refund you.

Two Installations With Each License

Your Pro Console License allows you to install the application on two machines, either two PCs or two Macs or one of each.

You can manage your license with us by email at any time.

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Buy Mr Smooth Pro Console Enthusiasts Edition

GB £15 / US $23 / AUS $23 / Euro €19 / CAN $24

Not licensed for coaching or any commercial use. The Pro Console is delivered as a digital download straight to your computer. The download size is 107MB. Both PC (Windows) and MAC versions are available to download after purchase.


Buy Mr Smooth Pro Console Commercial Edition

GB £100 / US $150 / AUS $150 / Euro €125 / CAN $160

Licensed for commercial use including coaching. The Pro Console is delivered as a digital download straight to your computer. The download size is 107MB. Both PC (Windows) and MAC versions are available to download after purchase.

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Overview: Mr Smooth Pro Console

The ultimate visualisation tool for coaches and enthusiasts.

Includes "Special Views" of key areas of the stroke with zoomed in, multiple angles and highlighted footage. Save snapshots as images and zoom to full screen.

Licensed for commercial use by coaches working with individuals, clubs or on swimming courses.

For: Swimming coaches, swimming / triathlon clubs and swimming enthusiasts.

Our Comment: The ultimate way to communicate an 'ideal' freestyle stroke technique.

Enthusiasts Pro Console:
GBP £15 / US $23 / AUS $23
Euro €19 / CAD $24
buy now

Commercial Pro Console:
GBP £100 / US $150 / AUS $150
Euro €125 / CAD $160
buy now

The Pro Console is the perfect way to show your swimmers an ideal freestyle stroke.

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