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Improve Your Swimming With Swim Smooth!

Mr Smooth is our animated swimmer, showing you an 'ideal' freestyle stroke. Download the free app to your computer and take a close up look at his stroke from any angle - you'll be well on the way to better freestyle swimming!

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Swimming is a fantastic sport - it's non-weight bearing, low force and uses nearly every muscle in your body! But for many people swimming can be a real challenge because it is a technique based sport. Swim Smooth is a swimming coaching company devoted to helping swimmers all over the world.

On this website you'll find great animations (we're sure you've already noticed Mr Smooth!), free hints, tips and plenty of video to develop your swimming technique. Take a good look round the know-how areas split into four section for beginners, intermediate, advanced swimmers and coaches

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be faster

The Finis SwiMP3 is a waterproof MP3 player, perfect for listening to your favourite music as you swim. We've tested all the waterproof MP3 players on the market and this has by far and away the best audio quality. Now with free international shipping!

Find out more here: Finis SwiMP3

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Our link today, a special Swim Smooth analysis of 7 Time Tour De France Champion Lance Armstrong's swim stroke. We only got a short clip of his stroke taken whilst swimming in the ocean in Kona Hawaii. If you're a Lance fan we're sure you'll find it fascinating viewing!

Watch here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-pgQ-gpmNk

be faster

If you're already a strong swimmer it can be tempting to take your swimming for granted. Even if you have a strong swimming background with years of training behind you there are still many ways that you can improve, particularly by tuning up your open water swimming technique. Our article called You Can Always Be Faster takes you through three key areas that you can focus on to improve your swimming. We're not going to tear anything up and start again, just make some small tweaks and refinements to go from good to great!

Read the article here: You Can Always Be Faster

triathlon swimming

Swimming in the open-water (river, lake or ocean) can be very different to swimming in the clear waters of your local swimming pool. Besides the technical adjustments that you need to make to your stroke technique, the biggest factor for most people is adjusting to this strange environment and overcoming the fear and anxiety that it often represents.

Read our full article on succesfully adapting to this new environment: www.swimsmooth.com/triathlon

arm length in swimming

Just released on youtube: how your arm length effects your swimming

Swim Smooth Head Coach Paul Newsome takes time out from working with two professional triathletes to show you how their individual builds affect their swim strokes. Fascinating stuff and will apply directly to your swimming too:


ankle stretch

Ankle flexibility is important in freestyle swimming - poor flexibility causes your legs to sink and adds a lot of drag.

Find out how to increase your ankle flexibility in our article: all about kick - it's not something you can change overnight but develop it over time and you'll really notice the benefits to your freestyle speed.


The Swim Smooth English Channel squad were swimming in the Swan River here in Perth today. The water's 15C at the moment, about the same temperature as they'll experience in the channel during their crossings in July, August and September this year.

Here's a shot of Paul Newsome showing us his swimming breathing technique:

When you breathe, aim to keep your head low in the water like this, even if you are swimming in open water like Paul. This will help keep your body higher in the water and so minimise drag. Many people feel a little anxious swimming in open water and this anxiety causes them to lift their head high to breathe. This is a problem because the bow wave created by the head dissapears as the head lifts high out of the water which means the waters surface is higher around your mouth. Instead, keep your head low and trust the bow wave trough to be there, you'll be faster and more efficient because of it!

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The Mr Smooth Console: Free Download

The Mr Smooth Console is a free application that runs on your PC or Mac. There is also a Pro Version available with more features. The App allows you to view Mr Smooth from seven angles, control his swim speed and pause the action. You can remove the water effect from the animation too - which can give extra clarity from some angles.

Our Blog: Feel For The Water

When you download the free console, you join our blog called 'Feel For The Water'. This once-weekly email is packed with free Swim Smooth tips and advice to improve your swimming. You can unsubscribe from the blog at any time but you won't want to: over 24000 swimmers are currently subscribed and improving their swimming every week. Don't miss out yourself!

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You may install the free app on up to two computers (including one Mac and one PC if you like).

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btf coach ed

swim smooth appointed official consultants to the BTF

The BTF recognises Swim Smooth's expertise in stroke correction and squad training

October 2010: Swim Smooth are very pleased to announce they have been appointed Swimming Coaching Consultants to the British Triathlon Federation (BTF). In the relationship we will work closely with the BTF to develop their Coach Education Programmes, ensuring our highest standards of swim coaching are taught to all British Triathlon coaches.

Swim Smooth are also developing a new Advanced Level Swim Coaching Education course for the BTF. This optional "CPD" course will be delivered by Swim Smooth to BTF Coaches teaching them all of our advanced stroke correction methods. For more information about this course see: Coach Ed Course.

adam paul btf
October 2010

Swim Smooth are very excited about this new relationship. Coach development is a major passion of ours and we very much look forward to sharing our expertise in stroke correction and training programme development directly with the UK's coaching community.

View the official BTF Press Release: here

Find out more about Swim Smooth: here

Swim Smooth!

The 12 Selected Coaches On Our June 2010 Coach Education Course

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Hi there, welcome to Swim Smooth!

paulWhy download the free Console App to your computer? Because it will help you truly understand what a great freestyle stroke looks like. Watch Mr Smooth closely and you'll pick up lots of visual cues to help your own stroke. By taking these on board you'll start swimming more efficiently, and faster, as a result.

The clarity and viewpoints it offers you are simply amazing - it has to be seen to be believed! Here's the underside view running in the App, a great angle for seeing Mr Smooth's alignment in the water:

console appWatch Mr Smooth before you travel to the pool - or even on your phone in the locker rooms - so Mr Smooth's stroke will be fresh in your mind when you hit the water.

Don't miss it!

Paul Newsome
Swim Smooth Head Coach

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