An interview with world record holder, Andy Donaldson

An interview with world record holder, Andy Donaldson

Paul Newsome · 1 minute read

Andy Donaldson holds the world record as the fastest ever swimmer to cross between the north and south islands of New Zealand known as the Cook Strait at an incredible pace of 1:10/100m!

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Join us today in a candid and fun discussion as we chat with Andy Donaldson, the world record holder for the Cook Strait Swim and a great ambassador for the sport who's on his way to becoming the first and fastest swimmer to complete all Oceans Seven swims within 12 months.

The podcast was filmed live and can be viewed here if you prefer to watch it as we visualise some of the key stats and locations that Andy will be swimming.

Listen to the podcast here.

To contribute/help with Andy's noble endeavours to raise awareness of mental health issues via swimming, please visit: