Chelsea Sodaro, 2022 Ironman World Champion

Chelsea Sodaro, 2022 Ironman World Champion

Swim Smooth · 1 minute read

In May 2022, Head Coach Paul Newsome was invited by fellow coach extraordinaire, Dan Plews of Endure IQ, to work with up and coming endurance triathlon star, Chelsea Sodaro, in order to help improve her swim. The result...?

“Working with Paul on my swimming over the course of the season leading up to Kona, helped me to identify the key areas of my swimming technique that ultimately unlocked my bike/run performances to win the Hawaii Ironman World Championships. My initial video analysis and stroke correction session with Paul was instrumental to this and I really hope that if you connect with Paul or any of his Swim Smooth coaches, or via the Guru, you’ll be able to reap the rewards that I did, whatever your level and goal!”

Chelsea Sodaro, 2022 Hawaii Ironman World Champion