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Mr Smooth: Ideal Freestyle Stroke Technique Animation

product panel <----------> our swim type system explains your individuality as a swimmer

Swim Types is Swim Smooth's exciting new coaching system.

It shows you the six distinct styles in which people swim freestyle.

Identify your type and we'll show you how to swim faster and more efficiently for your body type, strength, gender and experience.

A truly INDIVIDUAL approach to your swimming!

Discover On Our New Microsite

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The Pro Console is priced from
GBP £15 / US $23 / AUS $25.
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product panel <----------> our extensive KNOW HOW section right here on the site use the markers to discover better swimming technique side view top view underside view rear view front view
more know how:
product panel <----------> COACHES let us help you develop your skills

Dear Coach,

As swimming coaches ourselves, we understand the challenges and frustrations coaching can present.

Whether you're an experienced coach or just starting out, on this site you'll find resources and insight to develop your coaching.

Don't miss our stroke correction hierarchy, our discussion of contentious issues in swimming and our innovative Swim Type System. Also, we'd like to invite you to join our Coaches Network - a way of meeting and sharing experiences with other coaches around the world.

Swim Smooth's over-riding objective is to lift the level of swimming knowledge around the world. Please join us in this quest: "The World Needs Better Swimming!"


The Swim Smooth Team

Coaches Article List:

product panel <----------> swim smooth are experts in triathlon swimming

Open water is a passion for all the SS team

All Swim Smooth coaches are competitive triathletes or open water swimmers. Rest assured, SS coaching will perfectly place you for getting the best out of yourself in open water swimming and triathlon.

Swimming in open-water can be very different to swimming in the clear still waters of your local swimming pool. Besides the technical adjustments that you need to make to your stroke technique (we'll show you how), the biggest factor for many people is adjusting to this strange environment and overcoming the fear and anxiety that it often represents. By following our 5 simple tips you can master the transition from pool to open-water.

Continue to the full article: triathlon and open water swimming.

triathlon race start
product panel <----------> catch masterclass transform your catch and feel for the water with our new DVD Catch Masterclass

Music by New City Sound Recordings

Watch in Hi-Def

> Find out more about the Catch Masterclass on the Product Page

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don't miss: what’s your level?
| | - beginner -

Hi and welcome to Swim Smooth!

Would you love to be able to swim freestyle effortlessly up and down the pool? Wondering if you could ever really do it?

We believe that anyone can, with the right help.

We'll lead you through learning the good stroke technique step by step and help overcome any anxiety or fear you might have.

We have some new trend setting methods for over-coming fear and learning to relax with your face in the water. They really can work wonders!

Take a look at our rather special Learn To Swim Program. It's relaxed, straightforward and inspirational!

Also, check out our Know How For Beginners right here on the website. There's loads of free technique advice there to help you get started with your swimming.

Swim Smooth are specialists in helping beginners learn and improve their freestyle swimming. You'll find our techniques fun, inspiring and rewarding. There's no better time to learn to Swim Smooth!

Times Online article about the importance of swimming technique.

| - intermediate -

Are you a triathlete who wants to swim faster? You can swim freestyle but want to improve your stroke technique? You're in the right place! Swim Smooth are experts at helping you improve your freestyle technique and do the right training.

Have a browse through our Know-How for Intermediate Swimmers right here on the site. There's loads of free articles answering all your questions about how to improve your swimming.

Covered in depth are:

body roll
rhythm and timing
triathlon & open water
avoiding shoulder injury 

You'll soon see there's a lot more to us than just the Mr Smooth animation!

Three things you should know about us:

1) We tailor our coaching and techniques to your individual needs.

2) We don't believe in a technique only approach. We'll show you how to strike the best balance of fitness and technique training for better results. Please don't become a swimming technique hermit - it's very bad for your swimming!

3) We have strong ideas but we're not dogmatic - we have a free-thinking, open minded approach.

Welcome to Swim Smooth!

| - advanced -

Swimming companies don't tailor to strong swimmer's needs right? Wrong! We do.

We coach strong squad swimmers every day and have real expertise in helping you guys become even faster still.

We have technique advice especially for you. Need to tidy up your stroke a bit? Use our Swim Smooth DVD boxset - it includes plenty of advanced material for you to tune up your stroke and improve your feel for the water. You'll also be brought bang up to date with the latest in stroke technique knowledge and methods.

Don't miss our key articles on stroke rate and feel for the water. They're straight out of the elite swimming world and may get you to re-think some old concepts.

Any shoulder injury problems or niggles? Check out this technique article.

We have also developed advanced-level versions of our training plans which break the monotony of swim training.
Developed specifically for your needs they'll challenge you in ways you didn't expect.

One more unmissable swimming technique article: you may be good but you can always be faster!

| - coaches -

Swim Smooth is an innovative swimming company. Our specialism is helping swimmers of any type or level improve. It's our life's work in fact!

We host a coaching network on a private area of our forum. This allows us to share our knowledge and experiences with other coaches. If you do the same, everyone will benefit. If you are a coach or a prospective coach, get involved today!

Also make sure you sign up for our blog called Feel For The Water and indicate you are a coach when you do so.

We'll keep you up to date with our coaching bulletins discussing our methods and some exciting new techniques we have in the pipeline.

You'll have seen the Mr Smooth swimming animation above but have you checked out the Mr Smooth Pro Console? Give your swimmers a real advantage by using it alongside your coaching.

Also don't miss our key stroke technique article The SS Stroke hierarchy. It's our way of explaining what order you should fix stroke issues in. Neat!

The new Finis Swimsense, now on sale in our Swim Shop.

h2open magazine

Now with free ipad app

british triathlon federation

BTF Coach

video clips

A long stroke isn't always better:

Pt1 Pt2

Do you zig-zag in open water?:


Our study of World Champion Jodie Swallow's stroke:


Olympic Gold Medallist Bill Kirby's stroke (from our DVD Boxset) :


Pro Triathlete And Ironman Winner Scott Neyedli's Stroke:


Relative Beginner? You'd do well to replicate Hannah's very tidy stroke:

terms and conditionsprivacy policy
pool yay clinics ouch caps coaches two of us

Relevant links:More about Swim SmoothAbout Paul Newsome

btf coach education

Swim Smooth are proud to have been selected as Coaching Consultants to the British Triathlon Federation
Find out more

swim smooth - the home of great swimming technique

about swim smooth

Hi there and welcome to Swim Smooth! You know, when I left England in 2001 and became head coach to Australia's largest triathlon club, I encountered a frustrating problem. I felt we were doing a great job of improving our swimmers' strokes and were getting some brilliant race results but there was never enough time to properly explain the methods we were using to our squad swimmers.

My solution was to produce our first Stroke Correction DVD and Swim Smooth was born. It was an instant hit with our swimmers and then with a wider audience around the world.

That was way back in 2004. Since then as Swim Smooth has grown, we've been careful to nurture what's important to us: an individual approach to stroke correction (because everyone's bodies vary considerably, as you might have noticed!); an open minded sharing philosophy (please take a good look around the site); and a solid foundation of coaching methods from elite swimming and triathlon. But our greatest goal is true to the original concept: to clearly show you, the swimmer, how to improve your swimming whatever your level.

I have a request for you: if you enjoy and benefit from Swim Smooth, please spread the word about us. If you have any suggestions, queries or feedback for the Swim Smooth team, please write to us at feedback@swimsmooth.com - we'd love to hear from you.

Enjoy your time in the water!

Paul Newsome
Head Coach, Swim Smooth

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View Any Angle Using The Free App:

console app

"An amazing tool for visualizing all of the verbal instruction we hear but is so hard to see someone else do in the water." www.smartertriathlete.com


Download The App Now:




How does this work?

The Mr Smooth Console: Free Download

The Mr Smooth Console is a free application that runs on your PC or Mac. There is also a Pro Version available with more features. The App allows you to view Mr Smooth from seven angles, control his swim speed and pause the action. You can remove the water effect from the animation too - which can give extra clarity from some angles.

Our Blog: Feel For The Water

When you download the free console, you join our blog called 'Feel For The Water'. This once-weekly email is packed with free Swim Smooth tips and advice to improve your swimming. You can unsubscribe from the blog at any time but you won't want to: over 65,000 swimmers are currently subscribed and improving their swimming every week.

Go here to join the blog without downloading Mr Smooth.

Safety and Privacy

The App has passed the official certification process for Windows and Mac OS and is guaranteed virus and spyware free.

We work to a rigorous Privacy Policy and will never release your email or contact details to another company or organisation.

Free License

You may install the animation software on two computers (any combination of Macs and PCs) totally for free.

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btf coach ed

swim smooth appointed official consultants to the BTF

The BTF recognises Swim Smooth's expertise in stroke correction and squad training

October 2010: Swim Smooth are very pleased to announce they have been appointed Swimming Coaching Consultants to the British Triathlon Federation (BTF). In the relationship we will work closely with the BTF to develop their Coach Education Programmes, ensuring our highest standards of swim coaching are taught to all British Triathlon coaches.

Swim Smooth are also developing a new Advanced Level Swim Coaching Education course for the BTF. This optional "CPD" course will be delivered by Swim Smooth to BTF Coaches teaching them all of our advanced stroke correction methods. For more information about this course see: Coach Ed Course.

adam paul btf
October 2010

Swim Smooth are very excited about this new relationship. Coach development is a major passion of ours and we very much look forward to sharing our expertise in stroke correction and training programme development directly with the UK's coaching community.

View the official BTF Press Release: here

Find out more about Swim Smooth: here

Swim Smooth!

The 12 Selected Coaches On Our June 2010 Coach Education Course

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Hi there, welcome to Swim Smooth!

paulWhy download the free Console App to your computer? Because it will help you truly understand what a great freestyle stroke looks like. Watch Mr Smooth closely and you'll pick up lots of visual cues to help your own stroke. By taking these on board you'll start swimming more efficiently, and faster, as a result.

The clarity and viewpoints it offers you are simply amazing - it has to be seen to be believed! Here's the underside view running in the App, a great angle for seeing Mr Smooth's alignment in the water:

console appWatch Mr Smooth before you travel to the pool - or even on your phone in the locker rooms - so Mr Smooth's stroke will be fresh in your mind when you hit the water.

Don't miss it!

Paul Newsome
Swim Smooth Head Coach

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Hi there, it looks to us like you're in Perth, WA!
Please select which of the following you are interested in:


The SWIM SMOOTH SQUADS at Claremont & Challenge Stadium
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The MAIN SWIM SMOOTH SITE with all our free stroke
development information and product sales!

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Swim Smooth Competition

Win A Free Place At The Jenson Button Triathlon Worth £120!

jenson button triathlon

We're delighted to offer our followers the chance to win a free place at the fantastic Jenson Button Trust Triathlon at Luton Hoo Hotel in Bedfordshire on July 12th 2014!

To enter, simply email Swim Smooth at the following address including your name and a contact phone number: competition@swimsmooth.com

The JB Trust Triathlon is now in its third year and is a fantastic family affair with a real carnival atmosphere. Jenson will be racing himself, as will Paul Newsome and the rest of the SS Team!

Get your entry in now - entries close Sunday 4th May. Full race info: here

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Intermediate Level Presentation About Mr Smooth:

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*:)Download The Mr Smooth Console

Body Roll In The Freestyle Stroke

Dead Spots & Stroke Timing

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Advanced Level Presentation About Mr Smooth:

Related articles:

*:)Download The Mr Smooth Console

Catch and Pull

Shoulder Injury
(and related subjects:
bilateral breathing, body rotation)

Kick Timing

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